Omnigraph 3.1

Automates and simplifies graph creation and management
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Work with basic and complex mathematical equations for graph creation and updating. Draw lines by manual typing of the equation data or selecting automated formulas from the built-in database. Transform and manage created graphs visually in real time.

Investigations with Omnigraph has been written by teachers and thoroughly tested in the classroom. Investigations are presented in order of increasing difficulty. The pupil booklet gives over 150 starting points for investigations and is written so that pupil can work directly from it.
The Omnigraph graph processor is an indispensible tool for pupils of all ages. The software enables you to draw lines like y = x 1 either by typing the equation or by just clicking the screen. Graphs and shapes can be transformed and manipulated on screen. Omnigraph’s features have made it the number one graphing package in UK schools.Features: Everything you need in a graph plotter for GCSE, A-level and beyond. Simple-to-use uncluttered interface that won't confuse your pupils. Type in equations exactly as you would write them. Print out graphs as if on 2mm graph paper.
Perform transformations on graphs and other shapes; graph derivatives and integrals. Show compass point solutions of differential equations. Dynamic constants - enter y = mx c and watch the effect as the values of m or c change. Enter a function such as f(x) =sin x, and then plot y = f(x), y = f(x 20), y = f(2x) etc. Pop up the equation of a graph as your cursor crosses the corresponding curve. For transformations, insert pre-drawn squares, pentagons, hexagons etc. even a flag! Graph implicit equations such as x y = 1 or xy=12. Copy your graphs to pop into other Windows applications - ideal for worksheets and coursework.

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